Filter Material

A Marine Aquarium without filtering, simply doesn`t exist. From Söll you will receive premium filter media that can biologically, chemically or physically remove contaminants and turbidity. It can also easily be placed in the chamber of the filter or the technology area of the tank.

Phosphate is an important nutrient to ensure the health of all living things as it is used in energy generation and storage of the skeletal structure and is also a central component of DNA. However, already phosphate concentrations from 0.035 mg / L in salt water are the main cause of strong growth of undesirable algae species. In the worst case, it may be the explosive formation of cyanobacteria (red lubrication algae).

Phosphate is not discharged from the aquarium in a gas from as for example Nitrate gas is, but biologically, or in the form of mineral bound (calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate), and is retained in the system. Therefore fixed phosphate deposits can form in the Aquarium, which repeatedly release algae-promoting Ortho-phosphate.

Therefore a sustainable removal of excess phosphate should be an integral part of nursing measures in sea water aquaria. We recommend aquamarine PhosphateRemover with its extra fast formula!

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