For Complete Care

21Elements 500ml en
  • Essential Macroelements, trace elements and vitamins
  • For healthy fish and plants
  • Prevents vitamin and trace element deficiency
  • With Vitamin B complex

Bioelements are absolutely vital for a functioning system of aquatic animals and plants. Aquarium systems become very depleted due to rapid bio-processes. Deficiencies of even individual elements can cause mild to serious problems, such as increased susceptibility to diseases, stunted growth, eating disorders or reduced agility. The water-soluble vitamins act as coenzymes with a catalytic effect for all important metabolic processes. Artificial systems need regular doses of water-soluble vitamins, as the organisms are seldom able to store these themselves. If used regularly, trace element deficiencies are prevented.

Whether it's fish, invertebrates or aquatic plants - 21Elements is the all-rounder for the aquarium.

21Elements contains all macro and trace elements essential for aquatic life, as well as vitamins:
Ti Titan Co Cobalt I Iod Mn Mangan Mo Molybdaen Zn Zink Na Natrium S Schwefel N Stickstoff Sn Zinn Mg Magnesium Cl Chlor Al Aluminium Br Brom Fe Eisen K Kalium Cu Kupfer Ni Nickel B Bor Sr Strontium Li Lithium

The water-soluble vitamins contained in 21Elements serve as co-enzymes with catalytic activity for all important metabolic processes. Regular use avoids shortages, with fish becoming visibly more vital and plants thrive. Even the filter effect is optimized.

Application and Dosage Recommenedation

Shake well before use. All directly into aquarium every 7 days.

10 ml 21Elements for 120 Litrs of Aquarium Water.

100 ml 1.200 Litres 19504
250 ml 3.000 Litres 19506
500 ml 6.000 Litres 19508

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