aquamarine CalciumStabil

For stabile salt water

aquamarine CalciumStabil en
  • Increases the calcium content
  • Optimises carbonate hardness (KH) and pH
  • Supports the skeletal structure of marine animals

Calcium is the basic building material for the calcareous skeletons of many marine animals. aquamarine CalciumStabil supplies this important element to the water and thus supports the skeleton construction of saltwater dwellers, such as corals, shrimp and crabs.

Within minutes aquamarine CalciumStabil increases the alkalinity of the salt water, optimizes the carbonate hardness and stabilizes the pH value.

5 g aquamarine CalciumStabil increase the calcium content (Ca2+) in 100 litres of aquarium water by 7.15 mg / Litre.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Weekly 5 tablespoons (à 1 g) for every 100 litres. Possible short term cloudiness, does not harm the aquarium inhabitants.

100 g 2.000 Liter 17882
250 g 5.000 Liter 17883
500 g 10.000 Liter 19757

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